Have You Thought About Your Web3 Decentralized Legacy?

Inheritance is a serious thing to consider, but we try not to think about it.

However, it’s something to take into account if you want to live without having this stress. We understand the inheritance process in traditional finance may be boring and take a lot of time and unfortunately, we can’t help you with that…
But we can help you with your Decentralized legacy and take that stress away from you.

It would be a shame to work all day, investing in cryptocurrencies and nobody can access your wallet if anything bad happens to you either due to crashed system, lost identification, or anything else.

But where are going your cryptocurrencies when you’ll die?

If you didn’t think about it and no one has access to your wallet, your cryptocurrencies will be gone FOREVER. (Holders can thank you because you’ll never sell your coins, DIAMOND HANDS 💎🤲)

But there are solutions to these challenges.

In fact, you can secure your wallet in case you LOSE it. However, it’s not specific to inheritance and if you want to prepare your legacy with it, you’re going to have problems as it’s not made for this.

This kind of solution works with social wallets and wallet angels, this means you need to have people confirming you lost your wallet so the smart contract sends your crypto to your new wallet, so anyone after you can benefit themselves.

If you want to prepare your legacy with this solution it has 2 main problems:

  • You’re LOCKING your cryptocurrencies into a smart contract and you won’t be able to do anything with it while you’re alive.
  • This solution ONLY works with a crypto wallet and is not accessible to inheritors that don’t have a crypto wallet.

However, most of us use our cryptocurrencies daily to get more, and even if you want to prepare your legacy, we also understand that you want to continue to use it daily without locking it.

Finally, we also understand that your inheritors aren’t necessarily into the crypto industry and that they want to easiest solution possible.

That’s why we’re creating an inheritance solution that won’t need to lock your assets into a smart contract.

We made our solution the simplest possible so it’s even accessible to people who aren’t deep into crypto.

An important thing to know first is that you can get a crypto wallet with your email address or via social login, the difference with a classic wallet is that it’s quicker and easier to set up, as you just have to log in with your existing email address and you have your wallet associated with your mail address, so it’s accessible to anyone easily.

Here’s a step-by-step to understand the process :

Thanks to our solution, you’ll be able to use your wallet exactly like before with the insurance that your cryptocurrencies will be transferred without locking it into a smart contract and even if nobody has access to your wallet.

How Does it Work?

  1. You need to choose who will inherit your crypto assets, and put their mail address. You also decide how many % of your inheritance you want to give them. Then, they’ll receive a mail saying that they will be your inheritor and their percentage of the inheritance.
  2. Then, you put the email address of your wallet angels, and they’ll need to approve on our website the fact that they’re your wallet angels thanks to their email. If you don’t trust them, we can be your wallet angels and we’ll check each official document to start the legacy process.
  3. You’ll need to approve a contract on our website with your wallet to officialize your inheritance process.
  4. When your time has come, your wallet angels need to validate your decease. As soon as one of your wallet angels validates your decease to start the process, we send you daily emails to revoke in case you’re still alive. If we don’t get answers after 1 month, we start the inheritance process.
  5. With no response after 1 month and the validation of the wallet angels, our smart contract will take all of your crypto assets out of your wallet, divide it into the % of your inheritors and send it to them.
  6. They’ll receive an email to remind them that they can get their inheritance on our website. Finally, they need to log in with their email address on our website and approve the inheritance contract to get their crypto.

The difference with the first solution is that YOU STILL HAVE YOUR CRYPTOCURRENCIES ON YOUR WALLET and above all, YOU ARE FREE of using it in any way you want because you don’t have to lock all of your money into a smart contract.

And also, your inheritance will be accessible to your inheritors around you without being really deep into crypto because THEY ONLY NEED A MAIL, which isn’t possible with other solutions.

But that’s not the only thing our solution can do…

If you have an important amount of crypto in your wallet, it’s time to have security for it in case you lose it.

Let’s say you broke your laptop and there’s no way to recover the information and you forgot where you’ve put your seed to get your wallet back. If you don’t have access to your wallet anymore it’s the same problem as the legacy, there is any way to get back your wallet, and all your cryptos are lost forever.

However, if you got prepared for this situation, you can gather your wallet angels to validate that you lost your wallet. This way, the smart contract will take the cryptocurrencies out of your lost wallet and send them to your new address thanks to your wallet angels.

Here you go, you got your crypto assets into your new wallet!

With that being said, what are you waiting for to prepare for these two situations?

You wouldn’t want to lose your bank account,
It’s probably the same with your crypto assets.

Follow this link to secure your Web3 legacy, it’s always good to be early!